: The Blawgraphy
Life of a Law Student, University of Houston Law Center

Please note: I'm no longer updating this particular blog, but keep it around for archival purposes. Visit me at the current blog at


I’m not a lawyer. I’m certainly not your lawyer. While I am known to speculate on legal issues from time to time, I am not licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction and do not give legal advice on this website or in any other capacity. Nothing written herein is to be relied upon as a definitive statement of the law or an opinion as to the merits of any pending case, especially not yours.

If you have legal questions or require legal advice contact a flesh and blood lawyer licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. Under no circumstances should you rely on me, who for all you know is merely a figment of the internet’s imagination.

All posts here reflect the oscillating views of the author (many of which he has already forgotten and may well disagree with now) not my employer or any other person or party. Any comments made herein reflect the views of various and sundry individuals one is likely to meet on the internet and do not constitute an endorsement on the part of myself, my employer or any other person or party.

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