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Gilman’s Resource Guide to Moot Court and Oral Advocacy

At the end of my 1L year I was sent into the wilds of oral advocacy with a pat on the back from my LRW prof and a power point that began “May it Please the Court” – I did not. Surprisingly, I came to enjoy ‘mooting’ in spite of my ineptitude. I’ve collected the most useful resources on the subject. If I’ve overlooked anything, please make a suggestion by e-mailing me.

From the Practitioners in Appellate Courts

Mooters Mooting

Harvard Law’s Final Rounds of the Fall 2009 Ames Moot Court Finals available on video (quicktime).

Above: Winning Team from 2008 Lile Moot Court Competition at UVA discuss their experience

Above: Fifty-Seventh Annual Beaudry Moot Court Competition at Georgetown Law Center

Above: 2008 John W. Davis Appellate Advocacy Competition at Washington and Lee University

Above: 80th Annual William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition

CSPAN Video: Van Vleck Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition at George Washington School of Law

Wisconsin Law Prof and Blogger Ann Althouse talks about judging moot court competitions.

Moot Court Blogs

If you like to obsess over results.

Books on Oral Advocacy and Brief Writing

I recognize that a written article about oral advocacy is a bit like dancing about architecture but you may find it useful in any event.

  • David C. Frederick: Art of Oral Advocacy
  • Bryan A. Garner: The Winning Brief: 100 Tips for Persuasive Briefing in Trial and Appellate Courts
  • Ruggero J. Aldisert: Winning on Appeal: Better Briefs & Oral Argument
  • Mary Beth Beazley: A Practical Guide to Appellate Advocacy
  • Paul I. Weizer, How to Please the Court: A Moot Court Handbook
  • Michael D.Murray and Christy H. DeSanctis, Appellate Advocacy and Moot Court
  • John Gaubatz, The Moot Court Book: A Student Guide to Appellate Advocacy
  • Alan L. Dworsky, The Little Book on Oral Argument
  • Harry Pregerson, The Seven Sins of Appellate Brief Writing and Other Transgressions, 34 UCLA L. Rev. 431 (1986).
  • Jacques L. Wiener, Jr., Ruminations from the Bench: Brief Writing and Oral Argument in the Fifth Circuit, 70 Tul. L. Rev. 187 (1995)
  • Christine M. Durham, Writing a Winning Appellate Brief, 10-OCT Utah B.J. 34 (1997)
  • Jean H. Toal, Robert A. Muckenfuss, and Shahin Vafai, Four Steps to Effective Appellate Brief Writing, 10-JUN S.C. Law. 37 (1999)
  • Karl Linde, Appellate Brief Writing—Some (Hopefully) Helpful Hints, 25-DEC Wyo. Law. 18 (2002)
  • Carol M. Henderson, Tips for Writing an Effective Appellate Brief, 169-JUN N.J. Law. 22 (1995)
  • Robert R. Baldock, Carlos F. Lucero, and Vicki Mandell-King, What Appellate Advocates Seek from Appellate Judges and What Appellate Judges Seek from Appellate Advocates, 31 N.M. L. Rev. 265 (2001).
  • Joseph L. Yannotti, How to Succeed in Oral Argument, 169-JUN N.J. Law. 30 (1995)
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