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Basketball rivalry births classic IM hoax

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Via Bruce Schneier’s blog, ostensibly about security and security technology, comes the marginally related and cautionary tale of USC guard Gabe Pruitt’s AIM encounter with a UCLA co-ed named “Victoria”.

Pruitt, who had made plans to visit “Victoria” after the game, instead discovered a thousand-strong crowd of Cal faithful chanting “Victoria, Victoria” and holding up signs with his phone number. Victoria turned out to be a member of the Cal RallyCom, and the planned meeting a gigantic hoax of legendary proportions.

“I’ve never seen anything like that, that big; it’s up there in the ranks,” he said. “I kind of got a kick out of it.” As did his father, Pruitt said, “but he kind of told me to be careful.”

Links: Bruce Schneier, The Stanford Daily, DrYuen2005, pic of priceless expression.

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