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Sidney Lumet, Vin Diesel, Find Me Guilty

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Sidney Lumet is one of those directors whose career may be more fascinating than his movies. Charlie Rose interviews director Sidney Lumet on his new movie Find Me Guilty. I started to realize why I feel this way when I heard this quote,

The thing is this, that, I don’t what the result is gonna be, I don’t even know what the result is going to be creatively. We know how to lay the groundwork for it, but whether or not it happens, and I think you’ll get this answer from everyone who has done a good movie, is accidental.

The one thing that matters to me, from the beginning, is the process.

Charlie Rose interviews Sidney Lumet (March 21, 2006) (Download via Google Video, $.99)

Vin Diesel is another fascinating character, woefully underestimated in intelligence and talent because of his image and career in action movies.

Charlie Rose interviews Vin Diesel (August 15, 2002) (RealPlayer, free)

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