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The Grace Bible Church Podcast, Guinea Pigs Needed

By: Luke Gilman | Other Posts by
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I just finished creating a podcast for my church and I need a few guinea pigs if any of y’all would be willing. Basically I just need to know if it works and if people have trouble subscribing or downloading the mp3 files. If you want to play, grab a copy of iTunes and follow the directions below. If you are offended by the idea of being associated with rodents, feel free to refer to yourself as a beta-tester.

1. Download a podcast reader such as Apple’s iTunes (it’s free, no excuses)
2. Install it, then run the program
3. Click the “Podcasts” option in the Source menu (on the left)
4. Copy the link
5. From the iTunes menu select “Advanced” and “Subscribe to Podcast”
6. Paste the link from step 4 into the URL field

For steps 4 through 6 you can also try to drag and drop the following icon:

Subscribe to the Grace Bible Church Podcast

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