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Ode to My L.L. Bean Bookbag

By: Luke Gilman | Other Posts by
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I got mine in 6th grade. I’m from Maine where having an L.L. Bean book bag is about as exotic as wearing jeans. Once in high school I decided I wanted to be different and bought a Jansport that ended up being too small and I ripped the zipper off on the first day. My L.L. Bean book bag is now 15 years old and my only regret is that I’ll never have another excuse to get a new one. As far as I can tell it’s damn near indestructible. If the human race obliterate themselves in a nuclear holocaust I believe L.L. Bean book bags will be what the cockroaches choose to live in when they take over. This regret is made all the more certain that whatever abuse I devise for the bag nevertheless falls under the L.L. Bean Guarantee, which essentially translates into “If you can break it, we’ll give you a new one.”

L.L. Bean: Original Book Pack

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3 Responses

  1. malubadu says:

    I have an blue oxford shirt from the Bean that I’ve had since John Reeves directed the jazz band. He made us order them freshman year as part of the uniform, and I’ve been wearing it regularly since.

    L.L. Bean bookbags were only cool if you wore them over ONE shoulder. Until senior year, when it became chic to wear both straps. It was also cool to never stop at your locker, thereby being forced to carry all of your life belongings in the said bookbag. Now I have back problems because of my unilateral carrying habits. Do you have similar sufferings? Maybe it’s just a short-person thing.

  2. lukegilman says:

    Wow, someone besides a spammer actually commented. This is a great day.

    1) one shoulder = yeah, I got a bean pack
    2) two shoulders = i’m very excited about my bean pack and all the wonderful math books I’ve got inside.
    3) two shoulders + waist strap = I have transcended your childish notions of cool and uncool and laugh indulgently at your lesser book packs.

    Incidentally, it’s a short person thing, but perhaps we can turn your lemons into greenback dollars, hmmm. L.L. Bean is a large, well-insured private company. They have shown careless and wanton disregard to your shortness. We will make them pay, though not for three years. Would it be rude to ask for settlement in merchandise? (Just kidding, L.L. Bean lawyers, KIDDING)

  3. Taylor says:

    I really want to get one. I just finished sewing the strap onto my cheap bookbag and it looks like crap. I can’t convince my mom i need a new one if the old one can be sewed up.

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