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Peep of Day

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This is my latest acquisition. Let me read to you a favorite passage.

“How easy would it be to hurt your poor little body.

If it were to fall into the fire, it would be burned up. If hot water were to fall upon it, it would be scalded. If it were to fall into deep water, and not be taken out very soon, it would be drowned. If a great knife were run through your body, the blood would come out. If a great box were to fall on your head, your head would be crushed….

You see that you have a very weak little body. Can you keep your own body from being sick, and from getting hurt?

You should try not to hurt yourself, but God only can keep your body from all harm, from fire and water, from wounds and bruises, and all kinds of sickness. Kneel down and say to God, “Pray keep my poor little body from getting hurt.” God will hear you and go on taking care of you.”

This is from Peep of Day, A series of the Earliest Religious Instruction the infant mind is capable of receiving., by F.L. Mortimer. Ah yes, but the Victorians had a delightful creepy way with children.

I have not yet been able to find a good copy of The Countries of Europe Described, however Little Gray Books has this hilarious mp3 of a live reading (mp3)

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