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CDW network security ad deliciously ironic

CDW’s most recent circular features some snazzy new security gadgets with an unintentionally perplexing cover photo. At least I assume it’s unintentional. I think the question any astute shopper would need to ask themselves when getting this catalog is this – if I buy the $400 internet security appliance you’re advertising, how does that protect me against the shifty-looking employee you depict pilfering sensitive data from my filing cabinet? I’m all for secure networks but if I take the photo seriously I would be better off spending my $400 on locks for the filing cabinets, better background checks and maybe a menacing-looking security camera positioned to deter and/or detect this kind of activity.

I have a feeling the photographer was simply overwhelmed by the concept of trying to visually depict someone hacking your network that he chose a more amenable, if less appropriate visual analogy. Network security is not really something someone can photograph, which is why we’re occasionally forced to watch silly scenes of ones and zeros floating across computer screens in movies like Swordfish and Hackers