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Jessie’s cultural experience in a very traditional Indian wedding


My friend Jessie finally got around to posting pics of Shilpa’s wedding. I guess we can forgive her since it’s really long um, thorough.

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Roy Smeck, rocking the ukelele

Windows Defender, Disappearing Downloads

Just wanted to post this experience in case anyone else had run into it and might be googling for a solution – A few weeks ago I noticed that my desktop (HP running Windows XP media center) had developed an odd habit. Every time I downloaded an executable (.exe file) it disappeared without a trace. I could see it download, sometimes I could even see the icon appear in the directory I put it in for a fleeting second but then poof, it was gone. Nothing in the Recycle Bin, no history of the download. It did the same thing for Internet Explorer and for Firefox. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and set out to fix it. After reinstalling the browser and finding the problem persisted I began to suspect the interference of another program. I opened up the Windows Task Manager and started killing suspicious processes one by one and attempting a download. Once I killed the MSMPEng.exe the download worked fine. Looking up MSMPEng.exe on I discovered Windows Defender was the culprit. I uninstalled it and everything works fine now. It’s still in Beta, so I guess I can’t get too hacked off about it.

Disappearing Downloads, Windows Defender

Flip Flops in Fashion

Exhibit A: I was gratified to discover today that I am at the height of fashion.

NY Times: Hollywood Casual, Down to their Toes

Zana Briski, Reverence

I posted a while back on the Born into Brothels project. The photographer behind it, Zana Briski, has just launched an eponymous website. We here at think everyone needs an eponymous website of their very own.

The photos are gorgeous. It’s a bleeping flash site so I can’t link to it, but check out her new Reverence series with the portraits of insects. This just goes to show that the world looks better in black and white through a wide-angle lens.

Houston Go! Magazine

I’ve got a couple of articles in the newly minted Houston Go! Magazine. Houston Go! is an entertainment monthly. It’s pretty amazing. Pete’s labor of love is not only coming to fruition, but already hitting the stands. You can pick up a copy of your very own at any of these locations.


As noted on the blawg, we took our civil procedure exam today. It’s been non-stop studying the past month which is why the posting has been light. I’m headed up to Austin for the 4th. At the very least I’ll be catching up on some blogging. I’ve got a back-log, as you will soon see.