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New Diggs

Tomorrow I’ll be setting up shop in the old Eller Wagon Works building across from Minute Maid Park, not the least exciting part of which is a hella parking space.

A Crying Shame

From the Austin American-Statesman:
Bible thumpin’ to replace boot scootin’ at historic dance hall

I know it’s a church and all but you can’t swing the proverbial cat without hitting one here in Texas. The old dance halls are getting fewer and further in between.

Civilian Typography

I had overlooked Jessica Helfland’s excellent article on civilian typography from earlier in the year. Please allow me to redeem myself. Worth reading if only to find out what “Taxidermy Gothic” is.

Daily News a Designer could love

World News has never looked so good. Activate

Social Bookmarking on

I’ve added a social bookmarking plug-in to the Blawg and the High on the Hog Blog. I’ve chosen to feature the most popular services, but if there’s one I’m missing that you really, really, really think I should reconsider on, let me know.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, social bookmarking is a way of saving and sharing links to interesting things on the internet. Sign up to a site like or magnolia, the two I’m familiar with. Once you have the account, you bookmark pages you like and then you can share them with others – here’s luke’s list of links for instance.

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I just love this little guy

fantastic turtle photo by Eric Cheng.

On Language, Learning American

With an eye towards Bill Safire’s eventual retirement from the NY Times, apparently he’s just on vacation, the paper seems to be having try outs for the “On Language” column. Marion McKeone’s Learning American gets my vote if only for the line “an Irishman on a dance floor resembles nothing so much as an epileptic sack of suet.”

Keeping Cool with Cool Collars

We’ve had it pretty mild in Houston this summer, relatively speaking. From what I’ve heard Kansas and other parts of the midwest have had record-breaking heatwaves. This site offers a cheap, simple solution when air conditioning isn’t an option. Cool Collar makes terry-cloth wraps to keep ice in.