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Chicken Lady on Motorcycle


One chicken 700 yen, this picture, priceless.

From Kevin Kelly’s blog Street Use: “Bikes of Burden

NY Times visits College Station

Not sure which is funnier, that the Grey Lady covered Aggieland in their travel escapes column or that they sent a travel writer Finn-Olaf Jones, better known for National Geographic articles and getting into fights on Everest.

NY Times: 36 Hours -College Station, Tex.

Volcano’s Cross Decorating Fundraiser for La Rosa


I happened to notice that local watering hole Volcano is sponsoring a cross decorating silent-auction fundraiser for La Rosa/The Rose, a non-profit that helps abused Hispanic women and their children. You can pick up a cross at Volano, bring it back and it will be auctioned off for the silent auction on El Dia Del Muerto, Nov. 1st, 2006.

If you’re interested in decorating a cross to be auctioned, drop by Volcano at 2349 Bissonnet and pick one up or call 713-526-5282. The festivities are slated for Wednesday, Nov. 1st with a preview party from 5-7, with silent auction following from 7-9. Admission is $5 for adults, free for kids.

Northern Forest Canoe Trail: From Adirondack Park, NY to Fort Kent, Maine


Work has been completed on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, a water route from northern Maine through the Adirondack Park in New York. The 740-mile trail includes 347 in Maine, notably the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Penobscot River and Rangeley Lakes.

The Magnificent Obsession of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Houstonian Collecting Oral Histories from Long-Time Residents

KUHF: Houstonian Collecting Oral Histories from Long-Time Residents

Poisoned pigeons mar Texas festival

This article couldn’t be any funnier if it tried. From the Associated Press of all places – Poisoned pigeons mar Texas festival -

TEXARKANA — The city’s annual festival was marred by dead pigeons nose-diving into pavement and others dying on downtown sidewalks after they ate poisoned corn from the roof of a nearby bank branch.

Authorities said they cleaned up more than 25 sick or dead birds following miscalculated pest control efforts at a CapitalOne Bank branch.

“The death of these pigeons was more than an unfortunate accident,” city president for CapitalOne Bank Lacy McMillen said in today’s online edition of Texarkana Gazette. “It was not the intention of the bank to harm any of these birds.”

McMillen said the bank hired an exterminator to handle its pigeon problem after a bird entered the bank and defecated on a customer.

The Shreveport, La., company hired to do it, Anti-Pest Co. Inc., said the aim of the treated corn was to sicken pigeons and divert them from the rooftop but that death was sometimes an “unfortunate side effect.”

Vera Martin, working at a handbag booth at the city’s weekend Quadrangle Festival, said the poisoning sends a bad message to children.

“I think it’s cruelty to animals,” she said. “What other animals could be killed in the process of doing this?”

Worms in Africa

My friend Julie has been working at a mission in Kenya for a couple of years now. I love posts like these. I’m sure she could do without them.

I woke up Sunday morning to worms crawling out of my bathroom sink. It just might be one of the sickest things i’ve ever seen. I felt like i was in a horror movie. I stood bent over my sink for about 3 hours turning the water off and on trying to wash them away. About 10 minutes after they would wash away, dozens of tiny heads would start squirming through the holes in my drain. I can barely even type this w/out getting faint. I found some clorox like powder stuff that i hoped would kill them. i poured it all in my sink. That didn’t work, it just gave me white worms. Then i found some sink declogger stuff. The bottle said to wear gloves, hold it away from your body and only use two tablespoons. Surely that would kill them, right? Nope. After about 10 minutes, squirmy little heads appeared (vomit). SO i went ahead and poured the entire (new) bottle down my sink. I’d rather my sink blow up then have worms. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to church that morning,I didn’t sleep well that night and my sink drains very well now. Safari ants shooting out of my showerhead i can handle, worms I can’t.

Tender Mercy in Africa

University of Houston Basketball releases 2006-2007 Schedule


Tom Penders has done a lot to revive the spirits of UH basketball in the 2 years he’s been head coach with a 21-10 season last year with wins against top 25 teams LSU and Arizona. This year promises similar opportunity with games against powerhouse programs Kentucky, Arizona, and Memphis which made it to last year’s Final Four.

Houston Cougars Basketball Schedule 2006-2007

Houston Press, Hog Dog Rodeo


Todd Spivak covers the sizable feral hog population of Texas and the culture that has emerged around it, including the hog dog rodeo. Animal lovers will be horrified, especially if they’ve never seen a feral hog. Not to defend the rodeo practice, but if you’ve spent any time at all with these animals, particularly if some of them live on your land, it’s awful hard not to hate ‘em and putting one down wouldn’t seem any more inhumane that stepping on a cockroach you found in your house.

Houston Press: Hog Wild