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Worms in Africa

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My friend Julie has been working at a mission in Kenya for a couple of years now. I love posts like these. I’m sure she could do without them.

I woke up Sunday morning to worms crawling out of my bathroom sink. It just might be one of the sickest things i’ve ever seen. I felt like i was in a horror movie. I stood bent over my sink for about 3 hours turning the water off and on trying to wash them away. About 10 minutes after they would wash away, dozens of tiny heads would start squirming through the holes in my drain. I can barely even type this w/out getting faint. I found some clorox like powder stuff that i hoped would kill them. i poured it all in my sink. That didn’t work, it just gave me white worms. Then i found some sink declogger stuff. The bottle said to wear gloves, hold it away from your body and only use two tablespoons. Surely that would kill them, right? Nope. After about 10 minutes, squirmy little heads appeared (vomit). SO i went ahead and poured the entire (new) bottle down my sink. I’d rather my sink blow up then have worms. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to church that morning,I didn’t sleep well that night and my sink drains very well now. Safari ants shooting out of my showerhead i can handle, worms I can’t.

Tender Mercy in Africa

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