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Houston Police clash with Fans @ Walters on Washington

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One of the blogs I’m involved with is Houston Metroblogging, a community-based site that’s part of a wider metroblogging network. For the most part it’s fairly mundane check-out-this-new-coffee-shop kind of faire, but every once in a while there’s a brush with real journalism. Case in point -

The preceeding video was one of three posted in Houston Police Officer Involved in ‘Melee’ with Concertgoers. Compare with the airbrushed version from the Houston Chronicle. The video clips are a bit too Rashomon for me to pronounce a verdict one way or the other, but in the past this kind of incident would be swept under the rug as if it never existed. Now that it lives on through the internet it will be interesting to see if it gets any momentum behind it. Just as the internet fosters a long tail in commerce, I perceive there is a latent outrage element at work.

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