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Antinomianism Alive and Well in Missouri City

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The Houston Press profiles Jos̩ Luis De Jes̼s Miranda, a man who claims to be Christ and were it not for this little jewel, would not be worth mentioning Рand I quote:

“Believing in Jesus of Nazareth does not make you a Christian,” he says. “Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew. He wasn’t a Christian; he was a Jewish man…People who put their eyes on Jesus of Nazareth become Jews, and they don’t know.”

That’s right. If I follow his logic, it is this – Jesus was Jewish, therefore if you believe in him, you become a Jew. Dare I ask which came first – Christ or the Christian?

HP also notes – “Last year Creciendo en Gracia’s central office pulled in over $1.4 million and added over 100 churches.” Sigh.

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