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Route 1 North, Presque Isle, Maine

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It’s been almost a decade – the postcard I just got for my 10 year reunion confirms this – yet I still cannot get the following song lyrics out of my head:

Star City, Presque Isle
Star City, Mile for Mile
North-east Corner of America
Star of Maine, Presque Isle

I’ve been thinking about my home town today, which made me pick up a phone and get a subscription to the Star Herald, Presque Isle’s local weekly newspaper, since I’ve given up hope that it will ever get a website. $55 for a year’s worth of ammunition in my eternal war with Brady Moffett (Covington, Indiana) as to who can out-small town the other is money well spent. Brady is cocky because his town has fewer people (2,565 to my 9,511) yet he has not calculated on the “distance from civilization” effect that pushes Presque Isle over the top. The Potato Blossom festival is an unstoppable force of small-townitude that Covington’s corn festivals and general covered-bridginess will be powerless to stop. I have a feeling fellow Hoosier Jessie Foltz has both of us though merely by the gloriously small-towny fact that Twelve Mile, IN is so named because it is 12 miles from some other culturally insignificant map speck.

I got back in touch with a good friend from high school the other day. I’ll call him Shaun X since I never know whether I’m accidentally ‘outing’ somebody when they don’t use their full name on their blog. In any event it makes him sound more mysterious. I’ve coaxed the Gringo Argentino back onto the blogosphere.

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2 Responses

  1. Troy X says:

    “Shaun X” sounds gay.

  2. Steve says:

    I’m from P.I. looooong ago. What year(s) were you there, 1997? I attended PIHS. Go Wildcats!

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