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Now with 110% More Twittering

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Once again my best laid plans to attend SXSW Interactive festival were foiled, this time by some gaping research holes in my appellate brief for my Legal Research & Writing class. Ah, the joys of lawstudentdom.

I hear Twitter was all the rage, however, and have consoled myself in its willing arms. As updating your status on Facebook or IM is to recreational mary jane, Twitter is to freebasing crack cocaine. I’m not alone in this assessment.

Twitter exists to communicate one thing to the rest of the world – ‘what you are doing?’ It accomplishes this by allowing you to update your status via web, cellphone, and IM. It adds a social element by giving you options on updating your friends with your status and getting their status updates in return. The Twitter Home Page has a running example of the collective nature. I’ll be back with updates if it manages to work its way into my personal technology ecology.

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