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Nordic Ski Championships in Presque Isle, Maine

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Bangor Daily News/Kate Collins

Having grown up in Northern Maine and now living in Texas I get to do a little bit of explaining from time to time. First, is that yes, people actually live up there. I don’t know why they do either, but they do. Second, yes we did have running water. Indoor bathrooms and everything. Third, no, we didn’t have a football team, but then no one else we knew had a football team so we really didn’t miss it too much. Fourth, yes, cross-country skiing is actually a sport and actually it is nothing like the mummified nordic-track lurking somewhere in your garage.

Cross-country skiing is one of the things I really miss about Maine. So it warmed my heart to see that the U.S. Cross Country Championships were held in my home town this weekend. Interestingly enough, I remember seeing David Chamberlain, one of the leaders in the men’s 50-km marathon, skiing in the state championship in Ft. Kent when I was a freshman. He broke a pole right in front of a friend of mine who gave him his own pole (neither of us was competing, though we were on skis) and he ended up winning a few seconds ahead of one of our own skiers.

Bangor Daily News: Freeman cruises to 2nd USSA crown

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