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LOLcats are in your internets, making u….um, LOL

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Since I spend the better part of my life staring at the internet – for work, actually, lest you think I’m even more pathetic than I actually am – I’m not always aware of what is and is not commonly knowledge among normals. I was reminded of this when I started talking about LOLcats the other day and saw that all-too-familiar look on my girlfriend’s face. After a miserable attempt at explaining the phenomenon, meme even, I turned to the internet and found more explanation than I can shake a stick at. Of course, you really have to experience it for yourself. Here’s the most succinct exposure to this I could find:

Read up – Anil Dash: Cats Can Has Grammar, Slate: You cannot resist lolcats, I can has cheezburger, Laughing Squid: Roll Your Own LOL, Not Just for Cats Anymore

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  1. lukegilman says:

    Boing Boing has an update on the historical roots of the LOLcats phenomenon from 1900s comics that seems a little too incredible to be believed, in my opinion, but it’s brilliant nonetheless. See also Historical LOLcats Flickr discussion.

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