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Washington Post Series on Cheney – The Angler

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The Washington Post has just concluded a four part series on Vice President Dick Cheney called ‘The Angler’, playing off the code name given the Vice President by his secret service detail. Cheney is in fact an avid angler – one of my roommates once had his afternoon of fishing in Montana interrupted by a small armada of secret servicemen escorting the VP along the river.

Staff writers Barton Gellman and Jo Becker engage in the kind of long-form journalism few publications seem to have the resources or the interest in pursuing these days. Here are the links to each of the parts in the series:

  1. ‘A Different Understanding With the President’
  2. Pushing the Envelope on Presidential Power
  3. A Strong Push From Backstage
  4. Leaving No Tracks

Gellman also appeared on Charlie Rose a few days ago to discuss the piece, a conversation worth watching in it’s entirety below.

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  1. stephanie says:

    very impressive discussion on late night radio talk show spurred me to seek further and to share this.

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