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My friend Shaun captured this footage of a Bull Moose they encountered in White Mountain National Forest on their way to Montreal. This part is priceless:

The moose was unbelievably relaxed, just browsing along as we all snapped photos and watched him. I took the camera and creeped down into the woods with him to get some pictures from closer up. He really only regarded me occassionally, kind of giving me a look now and then, and then going back to eating. I’ll admit that I got a little nervous (and took some steps backwards) the couple times he started to walk towards me, despite knowing that there was virtually no chance that he would become aggressive with me at this time of year. This knowledge apparently flew right in the face of the “knowledge” of the rest of the gathered crowd – mostly from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York – who frequently aired their opinions that he was getting ready to charge at any minute.

It was kind of funny to listen to, actually, because they weren’t questioning whether or not the moose might potentially attack, but letting me know in no uncertain terms that it would attack. I was definitely thinking, “Man, I grew up in Aroostook County, Maine, I have somewhat of an idea about what this moose might or might not do. You clowns, on the other hand, sound like the assembled braintrust of a drunken misinterpretation of a Discovery Channel show about Alaska.” I didn’t say that, though, just politely smiled, inched closer, and got more pictures.

They are indeed amazing animals. Not all that bright, with a nasty habit of walking in front of your car at night during black fly season, but majestic in their own way. I have never, however, seen any moose do anything quickly of its own accord. I’d be more afraid of a sloth.

This is true only to the point you don’t piss it off, which is remarkably hard to do. Shooting it with a bow and arrow generally works. (See below – somewhat graphic)

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