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Only in Maine – Deer hit by bike explodes into oncoming car

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The Bangor Daily News reported on a recent car accident in Maine in which a deer was hit by a motorcycle and then careened into the windshield of an oncoming car driven by Addie Gilman (no relation):

Keating said much of the deer’s entrails penetrated the car’s interior, covering Gilman with blood and other matter. “She was just covered with blood,” he said, and the deer’s organs could be clearly seen on the floor of the passenger’s seat. Gilman’s son Ryan, 5, was in the back seat strapped into a booster seat. Less of the deer’s entrails ended up on the boy, but an officer’s photos show what Keating believes is the grass the deer had been eating sprayed across the inside of the back window. “It just exploded in the car,” he said of the deer. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Bangor Daily News: Palermo: Deer hit by bike explodes into oncoming car

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