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Google Street View Comes to Houston

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Google added Street View mapping to Houston last week, making it possible to browse photographs of the city’s major streets from your computer as if you were standing on the corner. Above, is Google’s shot of my house. I wish they would have told me they were coming, I would have tidied up a bit.

More from – Houston Chronicle: Is Houston ready for its close-up on Google?, Houstoned: Google Maps Is Watching You. Yeah, That Means You, Dwight Silverman’s TechBlog: Smile, Houston! You’re on Google Maps Street View.

While clearly techno-licious on the one hand – the virtualization and mapping platform has untold applications that could transform how we see and interact with the world – it comes at a price that not everyone in our society is so eager to pay. The most prevalent concerns involve privacy. Mashable has posted a Top 15 Google Street View Sightings in which people are captured entering or leaving adult bookstores and strip clubs, sunbathing or hopping security gates. One Seattle woman is none to happy about Google spying on her cat. That being said, Google seems to be avoiding residential areas for the most part. Mine just happens to be on a major thoroughfare. The images are created with a vehicle mounted with cameras that drives by snapping photos at all angles. See a one of the likely suspects.

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