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Do Over? Texas Legislator Calls for State Tuition RE-regulation

By: Luke Gilman | Other Posts by
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I have to admit, despite my free market tendencies, this proposal resonates with me.

Coleman also provided statistics. Over the last five years, tuition and fees have risen 111 percent at the University of Texas, 94 percent at the University of Houston and 113 percent at Texas Southern University. About 70% of increased student costs stem from deregulated tuition, Coleman said.

I started out at a small private liberal arts college in the northeast, though I had the largest scholarship they offered I dropped out for financial reasons after only a year and a half. If it weren’t for the state-subsidized education I subsequently received at the University of Houston, I doubt I would have finished college at all, much less gone on to law school. I’ve posted some of my thoughts on UH previously in New President and Chancellor of the University of Houston, an Opportunity for Reflection.

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One Response

  1. [...] I’ve been beating this horse for a while, but I’ll make the case again – college tuition increases across the country are outpacing inflation, detering some students from pursuing advanced degrees or college altogether, driving up debt for those who persevere, sending graduates down unrewarding career paths purely to service their debt and preventing large numbers of graduates from pursuing less lucrative careers in areas society needs young new workers the most. [...]

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