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Apple, Stop #$@&#@! harassing me to download Safari

By: Luke Gilman | Other Posts by
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You’ve asked me about a dozen times now on my various computers. I’ve politely told you no each time. I don’t want your stupid browser. I like Firefox just fine thank you. Now I’m starting to wish I didn’t have iTunes so you would stop pestering me to download Safari at every update. I expect that kind of behavior from Microsoft but not from you. Think different my ass.

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Category: rants and screeds, technology


10 Responses

  1. lukegilman says:

    Finding and downloading Songbird – 10 minutes

    Importing iTunes libraries and playlists – 15 minutes

    Market choice in media players – priceless

  2. Daniel says:

    The Safari push was the last straw for me. I just uninstalled all Apple software from my PC. I replaced Quicktime with GOM Player, which works well and has a much smaller footprint.

  3. kadoma says:

    - 1: Select the application that u dont want
    - 2: select the first item of the first menu (not the apple Menu) and validate

    Now the macOSX update application will ignore the update of the selected application.

  4. mrshl says:

    I recommend MediaMonkey if you need an iTunes replacement that does freaking everything.

  5. Myk Melez says:

    Did Songbird import your DRMed “protected AAC” songs as well? Last time I tried Songbird, that was the reason I couldn’t use it, although since then I’ve stopped buying such songs (which has been much easier since the advent of the Amazon MP3 Store).

  6. Myk Melez says:

    Hmm, to answer my own question, it does indeed import those “protected AAC” songs. I guess I have myself a new music player.

  7. I uninstalled Apple Software Updater on my Windows machine because of this. It was the easiest path for me. Of course, I’ll probably get owned by some zero-day QuickTime exploit eventually.

  8. lukegilman says:

    So it turns out I’m not the only one to call Apple out on their skeezy updater shenanigans. The bad press initiated a change of heart at Apple, well, actually no, more like a change of interface designers.

    As Wired notes, “the new programs are no longer listed as “updates,” but appear in a separate pane clearly labeled “New Software.””

    I’m wondering, was it a conscious shift for Apple to go from treating users as discerning connoisseurs to deciding that Apple knows best and consumers should bend over and take it with a smile? Did they think I had just never tried Safari and once I did I’d be blown away by my new found ability to um… view web pages and all would be forgiven? or perhaps they just figured pissing off a few iTunes users like me was worth it to bloat their Safari stats.

  9. [...] users were none too pleased about some of Apple’s recent software update techniques (more links to evidence at Asa [...]

  10. Alexander says:

    you should probably just download safari…

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