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ManBabies – Creepy and Captivating

By: Luke Gilman | Other Posts by
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First lolcats, now this. Lo, the Internet has seen fit to bestow another …. dare I even dignify it as a “trend”? The premise is all too simple – (1) take a photograph of a man and child (2) swap the heads in photoshop (3) publish.

Photo: Roidrage Manbaby

Horrifying, isn’t it. Somehow the most disturbing aspect of this is how well a manbaby hangs together, visually and cognitively. The notion of a woman-baby is silly and ridiculous, scarcely worth entertaining. A manbaby, however, is somehow plausible and frightening.

The maniacal expression, the visible lack of self-control, the joy of idiocy. We have not grown up we have merely gotten bigger.

Here in as much as the composite image is vaguely disturbing, deciphering the underlying image is appalling. But unexpected? No. This is you, this is me. We are all manbabies. Via BoingBoing.

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