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Reports of our being devoured by crazy ants have been greatly exaggerated

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Newspapers from the New York Times to A Plague of Ants in Houston to the UK’s Register ‘Crazy rasberry ants’ target Texan tech, left me wondering if I shouldn’t be planning some chemical mote or hot-gluing the crevices of my portable electronics instead of enjoying an otherwise pleasant-seeming weekend. Having conducted an extensive survey and analysis of peering into my backyard and dutifully using many of my electronic devices, I have concluded that all of my ants are quite sane so far as ants go with very little if any stated interest in my electronics. From the NY Times -

Two spine-tingling reports, from The Houston Chronicle and The Associated Press, leave no gory detail unarticulated about the city’s suddenly immense problem with ants.

or the suddenly immense interest by reporters rather…

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