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Surviving an Anaconda Bite

Watch it. Because if you didn’t watch it, in all probability you will get bitten by an Anaconda and then wouldn’t know what to do. Because it happens all the time…

Bitten By An AnacondaFunny blooper videos are here

National Geographic via what else, Boing Boing.

Lyle Lovett Never Made a Dime on Record Sales

Via GloriousNoise, comes this remarkable fact – “Lyle Lovett has sold 4.6 million albums in the United States since 1991, but

“I’ve never made a dime from a record sale in the history of my record deal. I’ve been very happy with my sales, and certainly my audience has been very supportive. I make a living going out and playing shows.”

“Records are very powerful promotional tools to go out and be able to play on the road, but you do have to think about it as a way of sustaining itself at some point. I’m very excited about being able to do some of that on my own, maybe.”

Sounds like Lyle will be weighing his options when his deal runs out. I’ve heard a number of relatively successful musicians say similar things, but for someone with Lyle’s stature to say that after 20 years of making music – there’s something seriously broken in the music industry.

Guy Clark’s Texas Cookin’

I ran across This is Texas Music’s post of Guy Clark playing Texas Cookin’. That’s Jimmie Dale Gilmore of the Flatlanders playing to his left.

I’m getting hungry all of a sudden…

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Feist does 1, 2, 3, 4, Sesame Street Style

Feist remakes 1, 2, 3, 4 Sesame Street style. I haven’t thought Sesame Street was this awesome for a long, long time.

Video: Feist on Sesame Street

2008 Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Texas: A Celebration of Music, Food, and Wine

2008 Smithsonian Folklife Festival featured Texas: A Celebration of Music, Food, and Wine with local acts (well, local to us) playing on the National Mall. Clips from the festival performers below, from the Smithsonian Folkways Website.

Guy Clark and longtime friend Verlon Thompson play under the trees of the National Mall.

Meet the Jones Family Singers from Markham, Texas.

Three Texan accordionists jam at the Festival.

CJ Chenier performs at the Festival.

Western swing fiddles and mariachi violins meet up on the Texas Talk Stage.

Guy Clark and longtime friend Verlon Thompson play under the trees of the National Mall.

Thomas Crapper would be proud…

“The box pops up from its convenient 14” flat pack to a rigid reusable box, you pop in a degradable poo bag, do your business, seal and then dispose.”

Ah to be the designer tasked with creating the happy little poo peeking out at us on the cover… from the Creative Review blog.

John Maeda on Philip Johnson’s Glass House

In this video RISD president John Maeda narrates a visit to Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan, CT. Maeda shares his impressions and talks about how it relates to his thoughts on simplicity. Meanwhile, we explore the site (there are actually several buildings on the property in addition to the Glass House), shot over a couple picture perfect spring days.

via cool hunting

Sam Baker at Piney Woods Performances

Wishes-to-Remain-Anonymous-Girlfriend and I headed up to Piney Woods Performances in Conroe last month to see Sam Baker, a relative newcomer with songs and a story you just have to hear to wrap your head around. James Coumbe, who hosts Piney Woods with his wife, has some videos up from the night on YouTube. This isn’t Top-40 stuff mind you, but Sam’s right up there in the best of the long tradition of Texas songwriters like Townes van Zant, Bruce Robison, Kris Kristofferson, Billy Joe Shaver, Adam Carroll and well, more than I care to write down right now. The first four or five are from the Piney Woods set and a few others thrown in for good measure. More on Sam’s Official Website and MySpace

Broken Fingers







Sweetly Undone

Totally Looks Like

From the folks who brought us icanhascheezburger comes the spin off totallylookslike. I am not proud of the time I’ve just spent looking through the site and I will never ever get that time back, but if I traveled back in time to 30 minutes ago, could I look away, knowing what I do now? No, I could not.

the Dirtbombs

I have discovered the Dirtbombs and now I am a better person.