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Hurricane Ike Aftermath in Houston

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Hurricane Ike came through Houston on Sept. 13th forcing mandatory evacuations of coastal areas and knocking out the power for over 3 million people. The major effects in Houston proper were relatively minor compared to the storm’s destructive potential, but the collateral effects have been severe for some with many left without power, ice, food and water and in some cases severe property damage. Here’s a recap-

Geraldo bites it

Hurricane Ike was already claiming casualties even before landfall.

Hurricane Ike Eyewall Video 100 MPH Winds Plus Storm Surge

Although many residents refused to leave following the false alarm of 2005′s Hurricane Rita which the effects of the evacuation were worse than the storm damage, Ike carried a tremendous amount of destructive potential.

Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula

Galveston and the surrounding coastal areas bore the brunt of the storm and remain uninhabitable.

Hurricane Ike Damage in Houston, Texas

Though not approaching the scale of devastation on the coast, Houston sustained most of its damage from flying debris.

Brennan’s Restraurant Burns

One of my favorite Houston restaurants burned down on the first night of the storm, apparently after a transformer exploded. This photo and other great shots available from Charlie McRae.

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