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The Life Magazine Photo Archive, hosted by Google

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Life Magazine, the standard bearer of photojournalism for so many decades, may have closed up shop but its images are getting new life in a joint-project with Google to host an archive of the magazine’s photographs, many of which never made it into the magazine itself. The Life photo archive at Google represents 97% of the collection, 10 million images from 1860 to today.

In addition to some of the iconic photographs of history, the Life/Google Archive has a huge cache of historical photographs of seemingly every corner of the world. Here are a few from some of the places I’ve lived.

Joe Sherschel, Texas Football – A&M Vs. Villanova, Bryan/College Station, TX

Bernard Hoffman, Children watching a boy skiing over a makeshift, ME, US, 1942

George Strock, Mail order co. L. L. Bean’s famous Maine hunting shoes lined up by size fr. 6-1/2- to 18-in. top of elk leather w. rubber sole, Freeport, ME, US, 1941

Arthur Rickerby, Snow Mobiles – Maine – ’69

Walter Sanders, Men standing outside St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in the Italian district, Boston, MA, US, 1944

Dmitri Kessel, A view of a housing project in Houston, Houston, TX, US, October 1946, Life Magazine.

Dmitri Kessel, A view of the Southern Dinner Club, Houston, TX, October 1946, Life Magazine.

J. R. Eyerman, Multimilionaire Hugh Roy Cullen (2L) University of Houston pre-game cocktail party with caged cougar, Houston, TX, October 1956

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