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Raven SEO Tools, Simplyfing Search Engine Optimization

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In my previous life as a ‘web guy’ one perennial albatross was the search engine optimization (SEO) question – something along the lines of “how long would it take for you to make my site the first result for the word “lawyer” in Google?” … the answer to which is ‘well, you’ve got about 103,000,000 other people in front of you.’ – which isn’t to say it’s impossible, but let’s put it in perspective. It’s a competitive world and everyone wants to be number 1. What can your site show Google that no one else can?

On the other hand there are lots of easy things you can do to improve your performance in search engines. Making your content accessible by not using flash animation when you don’t have to, garnering links from other popular websites to yours, or simply making sure that the keywords you’re interested in appear frequently in your content. There’s no end to how far you can take this – generally the trouble is – ‘How do I know what works?’

Enter Raven SEO Tools. I really wish this had been around when I was still designing websites. It would have made the answer to the ‘SEO question’ much, much simpler. Go here, and do what it tells you. There’s a free version that will appeal to the do-it-yourself-er who just need the basics. For web designers and SEO experts, Raven has a paid subscription version that could easily pay for itself with the horsepower it provides, despite the non-inconsequential $100/month fee. It’s that good.

But why take my word for it? Watch the video above and then take it for a spin

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  1. SEO ebook says:

    Raven SEO Tools? Gotta check this out and I hope this will deliver according to my demands. And who know? Maybe this will bring my site to the top! Thanks for this post.

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