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Howto: Master the Blackberry Storm

By: Luke Gilman | Other Posts by
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I was among the many who waited with baited breath for the Blackberry Storm to arrive. Like many diehard Crackberry users, I pined for the familiar buttons of my 8800, which I had grown adept at using with nary a glance. On my new Storm I felt ungainly and awkward as I mistyped even the simplest words and was tortured by the random flip-flopping of the context-oversensitive screen orientation.

But I made peace with the Storm and as I became slightly more adept, though I’m hoping for some UI improvements via software/firmware updates. I’m capturing the best of the tips and tricks I’ve found for the Storm on an ongoing basis to make it easier for others who might otherwise give up on the phone altogether. Visit the Howto page below:

Howto: Master the Blackberry Storm

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