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Before the Goldrush, Covers Project to Benefit Teach for America

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Before the Goldrush, Covers Project to Benefit Teach for America

A virtual open call was made to singer-songwriters around the world to be part of this project. Some are the children of teachers, some teachers themselves, but all believers in the prospects that great teachers can cultivate.

Many of the people in their audiences are recent college graduates who have made a two-year commitment to Teach For America. A commitment to work in schools in urban and rural communities with a focus on creating possibilities for students who might not otherwise have a chance. I’ve seen the love and energy their corps puts into their commitment, firsthand, and it creates a resonance that should be a benchmark for all educators.

The melding of an artist’s soul and a teacher’s heart is a natural. My hopes are that you’ll carry the message of Teach For America and the passion of the musicians involved to your audiences. Tell the story, play the songs, spread the word.

“Before the Goldrush” is a digital-only release and sold as a single unit (containing all tracks). It is available through iTunes,, Napster, eMusic, and other digital download etailers. All profits go to Teach For America and your purchase is tax-deductible.

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