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Cross Walk

Eyeteeth brought my attention to this great sign alteration:


Cross Walk, via Seattle Post-Intelligencer

San Francisco Street Preacher Ministers to Homeless by Becoming Like Them

The Street Preacher in San Francisco is profiled in the Chronicle, Kevin Fagan, Spreading the Word on the Street, San Francisco Chronicle, May 24, 2008 (audio)

“I’ve never heard of a street preacher like him anywhere in the country,” said Michael Stoops, longtime leader of the National Coalition for the Homeless. “I’ve often thought that if you’re going to minister to the poor, you should try living like them. “And here is a guy choosing to do just that. Amazing.”

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Saving Up for a Apple Wheel?

Somewhere, someone out there is saving up for an apple wheel, or asking the sales rep for one at the local best buy, or asking their grandmother for one for their birthday, who’s insisting that the local sales rep find them one because their grandson/granddaughter simply must have one, and the Onion should be ashamed of themselves.

Snag Films

Snag Films is “committed to finding the world‘s most compelling documentaries, whether from established heavyweights or first-time filmmakers.” Snag Films allows you to watch full-length documentary films for free and to “snag” a film (to embed, essentially) to put it anywhere on the web. Snag films is up to around 500 films and counting.

Evolution of a Song: Throw Your Arms Around Me

I stumbled across this Aussie anthem from Mark Seymour of Hunters and Collectors. A quick search on YouTube turned up an interesting evolution over the last 20 years.

Neil Finn has the interpretation I’m most familiar with: Throw Your Arms Around Me

Here’s the original version: Hunters and Collectors: Throw Your Arms Around Me

Eddie Vedder picked up on it and did it with Mark Seymour on tour in Australia

Listen to the crowd in this live version from a Finn Brothers show

Out of the Blue (OOTB), Oxford’s all-male acappella group performing after their first term together in 2007 at their November concert in Keble Chapel, Oxford.

I think my favorite version is by Louise Fraser and Dan Connolly

Daily Lit: Read books by email (or RSS)

The motivation of Daily Lit is both elegant and simple:

Because if you are like us, you spend hours each day reading email but don’t find the time to read books.

A sampling of current offerings:

Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson, Rattlin’ Bones

Kasey Chambers has long been one of my favorite Americana singer-songwriters from down under; there are actually quite a few, surprisingly, given the geographical supposition of genre. She teamed up with husband Shane Nicholson for her latest, greatest album. Highly recommended.

Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson

Video: Rattlin’ Bones

Video: Sweetest Waste of Time

Smart Football

Growing up in the frozen, football-less tundra of northern Maine, I was blissfully ignorant of the obsession that afflicts the rest of the country. Spending the past decade in Texas, however, I’ve grown increasingly infected interested in the nuances of the game. I could always follow the action on TV but after talking to some friends who coached or played at a higher level, I realized there were many facets of the game which only a trained eye can comprehend.

The Smart Football Blog is my entree to the odd rituals of college football strategery. Try the top Smart Football posts of 2008 on for size:

A quick list of my five* most popular articles of 2008.

1. The Florida Gator/Urban Meyer Offense – Self-explanatory

2. Coaching preview: Alabama’s Nick Saban vs. Clemson’s Rob Spence – I’m guessing that it was Saban and not Rob Spence that drew in readers.

3. Auburn’s offense might be bad, but don’t call it the spread, the Airraid, or the Tony Franklin System - This is the part where I have a hand in getting an entire coaching staff axed … ack.

4. The Divide Route in the Multiple Smash Concept – Pure technical football here; this post won a college football blogger award.

5. The Shotgun, The ‘Gun, and the Shotgun Spread Offense – A brief history of the gun and the rise of the modern spread.

* Actually, the second most popular article was one I wrote several years ago, though it is more salient than ever now: Has the Spread Offense Reached Its Apex?

** Two other rather technical and older (2005) articles dealing with a “conceptual” approach to the passing game finished barely behind these posts: Organizing Pass Plays As Concepts and St. Louis Rams Shallow Cross Concepts.

Daily Show: The Media Must Keep Talking, or Explode

Hulu: Excerpt from the Daily Show, Jan. 8th

Theremug: Kyle McDonald turns a mug of tea into a Theremin

Theremug from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.