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Kevin Kelly on Twitter

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Kevin Kelly nominally asks Who are the best twitterers? in Twitteree Recommendations Wanted, but in so doing, he sums up much of my ambivalence about twitter where I find myself wading through on one had – all the banal expressions of facts of life hardly worth telling someone you live with much less ‘publishing’ it on the internet for all to see – and on the other, mysterious untethered exclamations separated from their original context, floating adrift on the semantic sea. Every now and then you find something actually worth taking the time to read it, but these happy events are growing more seldom. How refreshing then, that as fascinating a character as Kelly finds he has very little to say:

I signed up for Twitter a year ago. I haven’t used it much. Here is the sad state of things: I’ve made one post a year ago just to try it out, but now I have 888 followers. I have no idea who these are, because I’ve never made a second twitter. I am sure when I finally do post my second tweet, half will leave because they’ll feel I am twittering too frequently.

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