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University of Maine at Presque Isle, A College Baseball Team, Always on the Road

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The college baseball team in my home town inexplicably showed up on the New York Times last week. Despite having grown up there it was the first time I had run across their slogan: “The University of Maine at Presque Isle: North of Ordinary.” Indeed. That may be the most appropriate slogan I’ve ever heard.

It’s a great story though and a powerful contrast to the state of college athletics in the rest of the country:

The nation’s prominent college sports of basketball and football are flashed across television screens around the clock, a big-money, high-stakes enterprise awash in excess. Unseen but nonetheless part of the same intercollegiate athletic community are teams like Presque Isle, bumping along the quiet country back roads of Virginia looking for a game. “Believe me, we know the difference between them and us,” first baseman D.J. Charette said the next day as the bus rolled down Interstate 81. “Their sport got them an athletic scholarship, and they might see it as a career. We aren’t in that world. We just want to play.”

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