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The Travels and Tribulations of Otis Gibbs

By: Luke Gilman | Other Posts by
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A singer-songwriter from Indiana, Otis Gibbs channels the rust-belt working man ethos into stripped down songs that just seem to stick around on the stereo. He’s at SXSW this weekend and then off to Europe where the singer-songwriter crowd seems to get a little more respect. Catch him while you can.

03/20/09 Otis Gibbs in Austin, Texas Jail Guitar Doors Showcase at SXSW
03/21/09 Otis Gibbs in Austin, Texas Jovitas *SXSW Twangfest Party*

From an interview on Nuvonet:

“I come from the Dylan school of putting songs together,” Gibbs explains. “The Dylan school would be, get the best musicians you could possibly find that fit whatever it is that you do, put them in a room, show them the songs and have them play them when they’re really fresh; put them right on the spot and beautiful things come from it. I want to be real. If I sing out of key, I want it to be on the record; I want something that when you put it on, to sound like it’s actually people, and people are imperfect and make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes make way more beautiful music than something played absolutely perfectly.


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