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Technopoly: when Technology becomes an End, not a Means

By: Luke Gilman | Other Posts by
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A resonant observation from John Parsons:

However, the new media discussion often misses the main point of publishing: to convey ideas that are worth knowing to those who would benefit by knowing them. It’s possible that someone might benefit from Tweets like “drinking a great chai at that new place on 2nd Ave” (50 characters), but the cumulative effort – for both writer and reader – is often more time consuming than the benefits are worth. Even when one masters the excellent tools for managing it all, and focuses on truly meaningful content, the media flood can overwhelm the actual message. Each wave of new media carries the risk of what the late Neil Postman called “technopoly,” a self-justifying, self-perpetuating system where technology is cheerfully granted sovereignty over social institutions and national life.

In the age of twitter, the soul of wit is not just brevity but restraint.

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