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Google unveils Google Wave, Redefining the Interface for Collaboration Online

Google unveiled Google Wave a new collaboration environment at the Google IO Conference last week. Video of the demonstration is embedded below:

The feature set is nominally prosaic, marginal improvements on existing functions, i.e. better IM, better collaboration, better e-mail threads, etc. – but the implementation is a tantalizing glimpse at a braver newer interface that makes me instantly resent the inadequacy of my current set of IM, e-mail etc. even though those are also primarily google products. Counting down the days until the scheduled general release in the fall. Between this and Google Voice, the Google developers will have their hands full for a while. via techcrunch.

Social Signal: Map of Every Airport, In Every City, Ever

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Music I Like: Bobby Bare

via TwangNation

Music I Like: The Greencards

The Greencards in KUT Studio 1a from Texas Music Matters at KUT on Vimeo.

via the Texas Music Matters blog

In 2007, the band was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Country Instrumental Performance for their song, “Mucky the Duck.” The tune was inspired by one of the band’s favorite musical venues in Texas, The Mucky Duck.

By which they mean McGonigel’s Mucky Duck, here in Houston. Check it out some time.

Music I Like: Wood Brothers

How did I miss these guys? The Wood Brothers are Oliver and Chris Wood. Chris you might recognize from Medeski Martin and Wood. The collaboration is more roots-oriented, but retains the consummate musicianship.

KillSpencer, Keep his Bags

Josh Spear highlighted designer Spencer Nikosey‘s brand of mens bags. Made from combat-used military truck tarp, it’s hard to believe they wouldn’t withstand a beating and still come out looking great. At $425 it’s more than I’ll ever spend on a bag, but I’ll admire it from a distance.

Stunning BBC Surf Footage with TyphoonHD4 Underwater Slo-Mo Camera

Engadget noted a great shot posted by the BBC, made possible with the TyphoonHD4, combining high light sensitivity, high picture resolution and ultra high frame rates to create stunning images in the hands of the right crew. Gorgeous! Oh and it’s $100,000…. so it’s not coming along fishing with me next time, I suppose.

2009 So Far…

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Secrets of the Middle Mouse Button, Revealed!

Farhad Manjoo taught me something only marginally related to his post Kill Your RSS Reader: And use my amazing system for browsing the Web, but blessedly useful nonetheless.

My system also makes liberal use of one of the best, least-known shortcuts built into modern Web browsers—the tab-managing powers of the middle mouse button, also known as the mouse wheel. If you think of the wheel only as a tool to scroll with, dear friend, you’re missing out; the middle mouse button does so much more. For example, it’s the best way to open a link in a background tab. Try it: Click and release the middle button on this link and—in most newer browsers—you’ll see Slate’s home page open up in a new tab. You can use the same button to quickly close unwanted tabs, too—click and release the tab you just opened, and voila, it disappears. In Firefox, the middle button has one extra power: Click an empty space in the tab bar and you’ll open up the last tab you closed, which is a godsend if you accidentally sent away something important.

How did I spend this much time on the internet without knowing this?

Happy Birthday Pete

Pete Seeger Celebrates 90th With a Concert

Associated Press
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