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Music I Like: Donora

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Rather than provide any ex post facto rationalizations, I’ll just say that Donora’s particular brand of pop grows on you. The band first garnered widespread attention in the Calling All Bands competition sponsored by MySpace and Verizon Wireless which offered them “the chance to be the first unsigned band to launch their career on a wireless phone.” Thankfully they’ve transcended that dubious aspiration. The track Shh on their eponymous album was used in a viral valentine video that infused their career.

Postsecret‘s Valentine’s Day Video


Arcana from the internets: Bethany Hanner, the wife of drummer Jake, saw a road sign for the town and suggested it as the band’s name, although the band is from the Gibsonia section of Richland Township in Pittsburgh’s North Hills. The band had never been to the town until they performed there as part of a town celebration.

“I Think I Like You”

Hat tip to My Old Kentucky Blog

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