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Howto: Master the Blackberry Storm

Updated Feb. 27, 2009

I’ve aggregated the most useful tips and tricks for mastering the Blackberry Storm on the web.

How to Navigate Screens and Applications on the Blackberry Storm

How to Edit Text on the Blackberry Storm

Youtube: Mobileburn: Editing Text with the Blackberry Storm

Blackberry Typing Shortcuts

  • Pressing [space] twice creates a period followed by a space.
  • Holding a letter key creates a capital letter.
  • For web addresses

Shortcuts for Typing a Web Address

  • Typing a space in a web address creates a period.

Shortcuts for Typing an Email

  • Typing a space in an email address creates a @ sign.

How to Use the Browser on the Blackberry Storm

Youtube: Vodaphone Help Centre: How to use the browser on the Blackberry Storm 9500 from Vodafone

How to Update your Blackberry Storm Software How To Update Blackberry Storm 9500/9530

How to Take Apart a Blackberry Storm

Storm Level Pro Demo



Mossberg Reviews the BlackBerry Storm

RIM Propaganda

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